Research Guidance

Research at the level of post graduate (M.D., M.S. PhD, M.Pharm, etc) in the fields of Ayurveda, Medicine, Pharmacology, and allied fields suffers immensely due to various factors like lack of facilities, improper or inadequate guidance and importantly lack of research motivation. For these reasons research remains confined to the institute, exams, or the books.

TIMER aims at creating a broad research platform for the post graduate students of Ayurveda, Medicine, Pharmacology and allied sciences. TIMER helps to create, involve and guide these students by way of expert opinions, collaboration with institutes and most importantly research discussions

Assistance is available to student’s right from the time of topic selection to writing of the research work.

Registering with TIMER connects you to a large network of fellow researchers and expert guides that will help you share your valuable work, knowledge, make new contacts, and stay update with recent research activities globally.

We help Researchers / Students in:

✓ In Study Topic selection
✓ To Design study methodology
✓ Sample size calculation for study
✓ Doctor & patient based survey
✓ Literature/ article search
✓ Observation and findings
✓ Interpretation of data obtained
✓ Result & discussion writing
✓ Conclusion of study

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