Clinical Trials

Our staff comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals to manage every aspects of clinical trial following GCP guidelines.

Trial Feasibility and Site Selection

Our team helps you in Site selection, Site assessment according to site capabilities, geo-graphical location, patient pool, regulatory requirements and foster patient recruitment process.

Clinical Trial Management

All clinical trials done with us are managed professionally by proper Planning and Execution. .

Phase I / II

As the first phase in human trials this phase helps in evaluating drug safety, LTD, Best route of administration.

Phase II helps to evaluate efficacy along with safety in selected populations of patients with the disease or condition to be treated.

Phase III / IV

Conducting phase III . Your product proven blockbuster potential, we are here to guide you extend it next level of planning multicentre randomized blinded trial, regulatory submission for marketing approval, assessment of Benefit /Risk ratio, post marketing surveillance. condition to be treated

Investigator Recruitment

With a wide base of experts from various medical and allied fields TIMER helps you to recruit investigators for the trial. We also offer GCP guidelines training for the investigators and co-investigators.


Statistics forms the heart of the Clinical trials. Our bio statistician renders help Right from sample size selection, data entry to data interpretation to final statistical analysis and conclusion drawing.

Medical Translation Services

Our highly-skilled language interpreters are experts in Translation and back translation of any type of Clinical Research, Medical and Pharmaceutical documents in all the Indian Languages. TIMER provides comprehensive translation and transcription services in a cost effective way to make sure all your specific needs are met.

Sr. No.
Study Title
No. of patients
Disease condition
01 An Open Labeled, Randomized, Prospective, Multi-center, Phase II, Clinical Study to Evaluate Comparative Efficacy and Safety of Seven Different Topical Formulations in Subjects Suffering from Osteoarthritis of Knee(s)



02 A Randomized, Open Labeled, Prospective, Multi-center, Clinical Study to Evaluate Comparative Efficacy and Safety of Head Massage with herbal oil and Coconut Oil in patients suffering from mild to moderate anxiety




03 A Clinical Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Study herbal anti diabetic tablet as an Add-on therapy with Oral Hypoglycemic Agent (OHA) in Type 2 Diabetic Patients - A Randomized, Multi-center, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled
04 Open Labeled, Multi-center, Randomized, Parallel Group, Clinical Study to Evaluate Efficacy and Safety of herbal Tablet Versus Atorvastatin in Patients with Mixed Hyperlipidemia
Mixed Hyperlipidemia
05 ‘‘An Open Labeled, Randomized, Prospective, Multi-center, Comparative Clinical Study to Evaluate Efficacy and Safety of ‘TOPICAL CREAM’ in comparison with two marketed products in Subjects Suffering from Osteoarthritis of Knee(s)”
06 ‘‘An Open Labeled, Prospective, Clinical Study to Evaluate Efficacy and Safety of Head Massage with NRCCO OIL in Patients Suffering from Mild to Moderate Anxiety and Stress’’

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