• Medical Research

    Services under Medical Research:
    » Clinical Trials
    » Preclinical Animal Studies
    » Product Development
    » Regulatory
    » Research Guidance.

  • Pathology Services

    Tie up with largest Preventive care and reliable diagnostic laboratories in the country, Onsite Collection facility on request for corporate...


  • Health Solutions

    The concept is “Easy access to the experts in the field of Ayurveda and medicine”. Get the best advice from our panel of highly qualified, ...


  • Dental Solutions

    To provide our patients with the finest possible dental care, with the highest degree of technical excellence, friendliness and respect...



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  • "I began seeing Dr. Angela Goldstein in May of 2007 to begin treatment for hypothyroidism. I had been on synthetic”....read on
  • "For about a year I experienced thyroid trouble, low energy, night sweats, amongst a host of other symptoms”...read on
  • I read about many naturopathic doctors but I chose Dr. Angela Goldstein because of her personal philosophy regarding...read on
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